DEALL - Dutch Endovascular Alliance

What is DEALL

The Dutch Endovascular Alliance (DEALL) is a cooperative venture of Interventional Radiologists (IR) and Vascular Surgeons (VS) in some of the largest and most experienced endovascular centres in the Netherlands. The aim of DEALL is to perform independent, prospective and randomized research in the endovascular field. The large patient volume in the participating centres and the extensive experience the founding members have in performing scientific research will ensure both thorough and expeditious execution of the trials performed.


Key-features of DEALL

1. High volume vascular centers

2. Centralized ethical committee approval

3. Dedicated datamanagers

4. Web based and centralized database

5. Experienced and dedicated researchers

6. Publication of studies in peer reviewed journals

7. Presentation of results at the key global medical conferences